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All eyes on Mozambique

Less touristy than The Seychelles and less built up than Mauritius, Mozambique is a tropical utopia that combines sparkling white sand beaches, richly coloured coral reefs and some of the most beautiful island escapes on the African continent.

The wide mainland beaches are palm fringed and edged by the warm Indian Ocean, but Mozambique’s pièce de résistance lies just offshore in the form of two clusters of shimmering islands – the Bazaruto Archipelago to the south and the Quirimbas Archipelago to the north.

Kayak through the remote Quirimbas, a chain of 32 islands stretching from Pemba to the Tanzanian border. Many are uninhabited and accommodation is limited, so it’s easy to find a secluded spot and live your own private island fantasy. Wander through lost world ruins on Ibo Island, where traditional lifestyle has changed little over the last 1000 years and locals still speak the native language of Kimwani, meaning ‘language of the people from the coast.’

For a more accessible island experience, head to the five-island cluster of Bazaruto, where you can take a Dhow safari to the Bazaruto National Park and spot the deep ocean predators that the islands are known for. Vilanculos on the mainland offers 30 minute boat rides to Bazaruto, as well as a range of accommodation options to suit all budgets should you prefer not to pay the premium rates of island life.

Mozambique is not only fast becoming the place to go for tropical island holidays, it also pairs perfectly with the Kruger National Park or a Madikwe safari to create the ultimate beach and bush experience. Come visit and bliss out in paradise.

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