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Ellies & Whales in Paradise

Sunny greetings from our divine Mozambique!
Mozambique is getting wilder by the day.

100 buffalos have just been released in Maputo Special Reserve. The very special elephants reserve is one of the 2 locations on the planet where one has the ultimate chance of being greeted by the 2 biggest mammals  : ellies and whales! A must visit Reserve for all bush lovers.

Zebra and elephants were released in Zinave National Park.

The humpback whales are here!  And very close to our shores too! Ocean safaris and free diving allow for closer encounters.

Sky News

Ethiopian will open international flights to Beira as per July 25 providing easy access to our fantastic Gorongosa National Park.

LAM is flying Dar to Nampula – getaway to Ilha de Mozambique – and Maputo 3 times a week.

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