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Exciting Updates

Our latest masterpiece

You may have heard that we decided it was time for our oldest river chalet ‘Francolin’ to have an upgrade. A labour of love from Doug and Gail and their team of local artisans, we are thrilled with the new look!

Francolin 2019

The New Francolin sits over the river, facing south. It has all the signature trademarks of Chundukwa’s style – and a little more, making it suitable for a honeymoon suite, together with Kingfisher Chalet. A double shower, luxurious bathtub looking out at the river, cosy lounge area, and a well-appointed deck overlooking the river. This chalet is fully gauzed.

The chalet is equipped with all the amenities and facilities that our other river chalets enjoy:

  • multiplug charging station with USB ports
  • hairdryer
  • fan
  • kettle and tea / coffee station
  • electric heating blankets
  • luggage racks
  • gowns
  • laundry basket
  • lock up safe
  • walk-in mosquito nets
  • organic shampoo, conditioner and soap
  • water flasks

Unique River Chalets

Each of our 5 river chalets enjoy breathtaking views of the Zambezi. Crafted, furnished and decorated with our Chundukwa stamp using local and recycled materials, fine Egyptian cotton linen and beautiful kelims.

They are all slightly differently designed  Рsome more spacious to allow for an extra bed when necessary, and 2 with bathtubs.
Due to our limited number of chalets, please understand that while honeymooners and families will be placed in the most appropriate chalets available, we are unable to guarantee specific chalets to individual bookings, though do our best when we do have specific requests!

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