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Global airport chaos continues


With the rapid increase of travellers, the complex re-start of the air transportation system has thrown the aviation industry into chaos. The following European airports are capping flights during the summer months:

• Heathrow will cap the number of daily departing passengers at 100,000 between 12 July and 11 September.
• Gatwick will limit flights to 825 a day in July, rising to 850 in August.
• Schiphol will limit the number of departing passengers to 73 000 per day in August.
American Airlines as reportedly paused ticket sales on flights out of Schiphol from 7 – 31 July.
KLM will cancel between 10 to 20 return flights to destinations across Europe each day until the end of August, with immediate effect.

While the biggest disruptions are in Europe, the issue is global, and cancellations are rampant. As an example, Air Canada reduce its schedule by 154 flights on average, each day during July and August. According to FlightAwareTracking, this Monday, 30% of flights out of London Gatwick Airport were delayed, followed by airports in Split, Croatia (28%), Frankfurt (25%), Nice, France (23%) as well as Amsterdam Schipol (18%).

In a trade letter from Lufthansa (attached), Dr. André Schulz General Manager Southern & East Africa offers further insight and recommendations to travellers.

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