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Kariega Game Reserve Expansion


We have exciting news!

Kariega Game Reserve is expanding to 11,500 hectares through the incorporation of an additional 1,500 hectares of pristine habitat in the Bushmans River valley.

The additional land, a philanthropic donation into the protected area by the UK Ferguson family, significantly changes the footprint of Kariega with substantial conservation benefits which, in time, will greatly enhance the guest wildlife experience – which is already a highlight of a Kariega safari.

The strategic location of the additional land enables the joining of the western portions of the reserve creating one large wilderness, as illustrated in the diagrams below. The new land will be fully incorporated into the reserve by June 2022.


Philanthropy Supporting Conservation

“It’s surely our responsibility to do everything within our power to create a planet that provides a home not just for us, but for all life on Earth.” Sir David Attenborough.

The global focus is currently on one of the most critical conservation objectives of our time: bringing back and protecting earth’s natural biodiversity.

Collaboration between philanthropy and conservation is critical to our success.

The Ferguson family’s contribution to Kariega Game Reserve ensures the protection of approximately 25 kilometres of the tidal river estuary and the range expansion provides additional carrying capacity for elephant, white and black rhino, as well as additional apex predators such as critically endangered cheetah and a second pride of lion.


A Commitment to Perpetual Improvement

Kariega Game Reserve strives for perpetual improvement across all facets of our business: guest experience; advanced conservation practices and community rejuvenation.
It gives us great joy to be in the process of creating an even better safari destination and guest experience that you, our valued partners and friends, can recommend with confidence to your clients.

A Family Legacy

Kariega Game Reserve remains a family owned and operated business.
The making of Kariega Game Reserve and the establishment of the Kariega Foundation is arguably one of the most accomplished conservation projects in the Eastern Cape of South Africa to date.
The gradual evolution of Kariega is a powerful example of the alchemy that is created when people come together and work towards a common vision.

We strive always to be pioneers in conservation while offering our guests an unforgettable African safari.

Stay safe and healthy.

The Kariega Family

Corundum Tours