Onward and Upward for aha De Zalze Lodge

After a memorable three-year journey with aha Hotels and Lodges, aha De Zalze Lodge will be disembarking from the aha portfolio at the end of April to be run independently.

De Zalze’s ownership team is committed to maintaining high-standards that are customary for this Cape Winelands gem on the picturesque Wine Estate and is confident that the Lodge’s status as a premier destination will remain unchanged.

CEO of aha Hotels and Lodges, Graeme Edmond said, “De Zalze’s departure from the aha Hotels and Lodges stable was mutually agreed-upon by the Lodge’s proprietors and the aha team. We’re confident that the lodge will maintain the standards we’ve all come to expect from the venue and we’re looking forward to seeing it continue to flourish as a self-run entity. We wish them the very best for the future.”

The aha Hotels and Lodges team bids a fond farewell to De Zalze Lodge and looks forward to great things to come from this premier destination.