Our Chundu Island Experience

When the Seolo Africa team first visited the original Chundu Island Camp near Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe with a view to developing an island paradise, we knew immediately that this was something we had to do.  It was utterly enchanting.  Intense sunsets, a stunning seasonal white sand beach, magnificent trees and birdlife. Our imaginations ran wild, conjuring up perfection worthy of this wild island beauty.

Was it a fairy tale?  No. The process was complicated, getting what we wanted – when we wanted it involved an enormous amount of paperwork, compromise, cost and effort.  Changes in economic policy made budgets a moving target, and caused us to have to dig deep both in terms of finances and creativity.

By the time the lodge opened, we were exhausted, but immensely proud.  It was stunning, carefully thought out and physically excellent.  However there had been little or no time to focus on polishing up staff and systems. So effectively Cinderella had her gorgeous ball gown, her beauty was incomparable, but she had yet to go through elocution lessons and deportment.

Over the last year we’ve put in a lot of hard work on team building and training; and now (while it was not exactly a magic wand – more like Henry Higgins from “My Fair Lady” than the fairy godmother!) our exquisite island lodge has completed her transformation, and we’re not the only ones to say so, she is captivating visitors from far and wide.

Our guests have shared their enthusiasm and their passion online, not only for the place but for the food and the people, and we thank them for encouraging us in our African dream.  The intrigue, allure and excitement of a fairy tale “Seychelles meets Zambezi” island with both wildlife and water activities has universal and holistic appeal.  We are inspired to continue to make dreams come true for our guests for many years to come.