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Re-invention of Grootbos Garden Lodge

Re-invention of Grootbos Garden Lodge
March 2021

It is no secret that the tourism sector has been one of the most adversely affected by the lockdowns and travel restrictions. However, with the steady easing of these restrictions, an ever growing desire to travel to open spaces and reconnect with loved ones has appeared. As such, we believe that experiential tourism will soon undergo a swift period of exponential growth and recovery.
Taking this outlook to the forefront of our thinking, together with Grootbos having always been a place of inspired vision, we are proud and privileged to announce the commencement of a complete rebuild of the Grootbos Garden Lodge.

From its humble beginnings, when the Lutzeyer family first built their Grootbos dream, Garden Lodge has always been a warm, atmospheric, family-friendly lodge. Its new design will be centered around creating a harmonious blend between that same guest experience, contemporary architecture and the abundant nature that surrounds it. Sweeping vistas of Walker Bay framed by sprawling floor-to-ceiling windows will envelop our guests from all points of the reimagined restaurant, bar, reception and lounge areas.

Building on Grootbos’ food and wine philosophy, a world-class wine cellar complemented by a grand maturation cellar will be built to house our premier 15-year-collection of award winning South African wines. This new space will fully showcase the extent of our peerless local wine collection and mature our ever-evolving destination dining experiences.

Our brand new spa and treatment facilities will advance our long-standing commitment to holistic wellness. Adding more than just increased capacity, these new additions will heighten an already near-perfect feeling of relaxation, tranquility and connectedness.

An expanded recreational space will be another feature of the new design in keeping with Garden Lodge’s familiar family-friendly character. This space will offer children a captivating environment inspired by nature and accentuated by a variety of nature based child-friendly experiences.

The Garden Lodge Suites will be elevated to reflect the new lodge’s contemporary design. Adding a sense of seamless transition between flawless nature and 5-star luxury, each suite will feel even more intune with the pristine surroundings.

Although it may seem presumptuous to rebuild Garden Lodge in this current climate, to stay true to Grootbos’ pursuit of excellence and the tourism sector’s forthcoming landscape, we sincerely believe that this is an opportunity to wholeheartedly embrace.

We look forward to introducing the new Garden Lodge on the 1st of April 2022. In the interim, Forest Lodge and both Villas (6-bedroom & 4-bedroom) will remain open to our Grootbos guests.

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