Santorini Mozambique – Update

Dear Travel Partner,

We are so excited to share some of our new additions and updates with you – At Santorini Mozambique we are always building on our guest experiences through creating memorable journeys they will cherish forever.

Christmas programme

We are excited to share our Christmas programme for 2018 with you:

24th Dec – Mince Pies, mulled wine & star gazing under the Mozambican skies after dinner

25th Dec – A magical picnic lunch hamper

25th Dec – Christmas themed 4 course dinner

New Additions
Wooden Dhow

Santorini Mozambique’s very own wooden Dhow. Built in the thick bush on the adjoining bay to where Santorini is situated, Constantina – a local and experienced boat builder, beautifully hand crafted this stunning Dhow in the same design as the local fishing boats. Machilla Magic’s expert carpenters added all the finishing touches including relaxed seating with supportive and lounging cushions. The ‘Santorini’ Dhow can sail in the bay offering beautiful sunset cruises or short trips to Pansy Shell Island. The boat is supported by a motor should the wind not be in favour and has a wonderfully traditional fire pit on board for freshly grilled snacks.

New Vegetable garden

Experience lunch in our Organic Veggie Garden. Our 22 raised bed flourishing vegetable garden hosts the most unique lunch experience for our guests. A starter of “make your own fresh lettuce/spinach wraps” with roasted local peanuts, coconut, lemongrass, onions, ginger and sweet sticky sauce tantalise the taste buds whilst our chef prepares a main course of fish and beef espetadas on the open fire accompanied with fresh salads.

Say NO to plastic

Joining the movement – personalized glass water bottles, stunning glass straws, fabric covered clingfilm etc.  Santorini proudly supports the Vilanculos Beach Clean up Team. Introduced in late June, this dynamic team has covered about 25 kilometers and filled 307 sacks with ocean/plastic waste. They have also attracted local authorities including the Maritime Department and the Coastal Police who are programming “walk-alongs” to support their work at educating local people about beach littering laws and environmental impact. As a community in Vilanculos, many sponsors partake in various initiatives to support and get involved with tackling the serious issues of plastic and ocean waste. At Santorini itself we have migrated away wherever possible from the use of plastic – all guests on arrival are provided with a personalised glass water bottle they can fill with ice cold, room temperature or sparkling water from our reverse osmosis filtering machine located in the main villa. Plastic straws have been replaced with beautiful glass straws, our beach picnics are all packaged in glass containers with fabric lids and room amenities include wooden ear buds. Santorini is continuing its efforts to join the movement and say NO to plastic.