Update on New Zimbabwe Currency Regulations


Dear Travel Partners,

As you will have heard from various travel news providers, there has unfortunately been a change of system with regards to the currencies used in Zimbabwe.

As of Tuesday, 25th June, the US$ is no longer accepted as a currency in Zimbabwe, as well as Botswana Pula or South African Rand. They are all no longer accepted as trading currencies at any establishments in Zimbabwe and the local currency which is the Zimbabwe Dollar/Bond note has been declared the sole currency of Zimbabwe.

What this means for travellers is the following:

  • Payments can only be made in the local currency, the Zimbabwe Dollar
  • Our Zimbabwean lodges Elephants Eye, Hwange and Nantwich will continue to accept credit card payments for any additional expenses incurred
  • Visa payments remain in US$ cash and card

Please note that our guides will advise guests carefully while on safari as to how best to handle the situation and also assist with changing money at appropriate bank tellers when needed.

Tourism operations, however, have not been affected and the local situation is slowly normalising with shops reopening and adjusting their pricing to the new circumstances.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly answer any questions we can.

The government is still making adjustments to this regulation on a daily basis and we will keep you updated should any further changes come into effect.

Best regards,
Your Hideaways Team