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Urgent Notice | Robben Island Tickets

Robben Island Requires Full Identification.

As of 01 December 2018, Robben Island Museum will no longer accept tickets that do not reflect the client’s full details (Name & Surname) as per their relevant proof of identification.

The Robben Islands Ferries are required to adhere to the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) and as such are expected to be able to provide an accurate passenger list outlining each passenger by their full documented name.

As such, please ensure that when requesting Robben Island tickets that the full details of each traveller are supplied along with a copy of their Identity Documents. It is vital that these details are captured correctly so as to avoid the disappoint of being turned away at the Robben Island Ferry gate.

Clients will also be expected to present their Identity Document or an official copy thereof when boarding the Robben Island Ferry.

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