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Wild Horizons Responsible Tourism Update – October 2019

Dear Partner in Travel,
Every gasp of excitement, gulp of fresh air and breath that we take is a gift from the beautiful trees that sustain the earth. Wild Horizons exists to create life-changing journeys for our travellers, but one of our most pleasing responsibilities is rooted in our care of the environment. Our indigenous tree nursery symbolizes our commitment to protecting and nurturing the wilderness now and for future generations. Our dedication to this purpose branches throughout the organization, and a new triumph blooms each day. We hope you enjoy our Responsible Tourism Update for October.
Kind regards
The Wild Horizons Team

Driving a ‘Treevolution’ at The Elephant Camp

Derry Sibanda, our Environmental and Biological Control Officer, cares for the indigenous tree nursery at The Elephant Camp. Derry identifies areas in need of rehabilitation, and from his green oasis, young saplings are selected and relocated. Derry makes sure that nothing is side-lined when it comes to protecting nature’s bountiful resources. He oversees many of our eco-projects, such as soil erosion, organic vegetable gardens and the educational expeditions from rural schools. However, the nursery is a haven for him. The musky smell of elephant manure enhances the sweet earthy scent of watered soil. One of the biggest challenges Derry faces when it comes to replanting the trees is protecting them from grazing wildlife. He has found a creative solution to the problem and douses sticks in chilli oil to deter elephants and baboon, which detest the smell of chilli. This year, 441 trees have been planted, and Derry has removed numerous species of invasive plants from areas within the Wild Horizons Wildlife Sanctuary.

Trees are the lungs of the land. Thank you, Derry, for breathing life into them every day.

Images by David Gershman

Love grows at Old Drift Lodge 

A honeymoon is a tradition, the celebration of an important milestone in a couple’s journey. At Old Drift Lodge, we have another tradition that allows newlyweds to connect with the earth and put down roots in the soil where their journey as husband and wife begins. The tree-planting ceremony not only symbolizes the strength and vitality of marriage but gives back to the earth and environment where honeymoon memories are made. The couple breaks the soil together, waters the spot they have chosen for their tree, and bury its roots. As the couple start their lives together, the trees will grow strong and resilient. Each is a life force born from love, that will give shade to future generations and stand tall until their next visit.

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