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Visit Mozambique

Mozambique is one of Africa’s up and coming hot spots, with stunning beaches, excellent diving and magical offshore islands. Mozambique is blessed with a rugged coastline-all just waiting for you to enjoy.

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Reasons for Visiting Mozambique:

  • Mozambique features 2500km of pristine beachfront on the mainland, with a number of good natural harbours
  • Several small island paradises can be found off the coast, including the Bazaruto Archipelago made up of five islands, some of which are protected national parks. The islands offer beautiful beaches, abundant bird and marine life, and lovely coral reefs
  • Snorkelling is excellent and divers can explore coral reefs and old ship wrecks
  • Fishing is world class and includes salt water fly-fishing and big game fishing for marlin and sail fish (tag-and-release)
  • Mozambique Island (Ilha de Mozambique) is a World Heritage Site with Persian and Arabic influences and is linked to the mainland by a bridge
  • The country has recently been included in a vast transfrontier park incorporating wilderness reserves in South Africa and Zimbabwe. Called the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park, it is the world’s largest reserve and infrastructure for visitors will be developed over the next few years.
  • Over 1200 species of fish have been identified in the coastal waters of Mozambique


Southeast Africa

Mozambique Entry and Visa Requirements:

– A valid acceptable passport or travel document good for a sufficient period to cover your intended stay.
– A valid visa.
– Sufficient funds.
– A return or onward ticket.
– At least two blank pages in your passport.


22, 382, 533


Summer: October – March
Winter: April – September

Average Temp, ° C  282828262423232525262727
Average High Temp, °C  323230262524242428303132
Average Low Temp, °C  252321181715151718202123
Highest Recorded Temp, °C  343432282726262829293038
Lowest Recorded Temp, °C  232220171614141617192021
Average Rainfall, cm   10109722113389
Average Number of Rainy Days 14161411842234910
Average Number of Days Above 32°C2827201082227101620

Best Time to Visit:

The period between May and November is the best time to visit the country as the rainfall and temperatures are low. February to March is the period of heavy rainfall and flooding, and the roads become dangerous.

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Amazing Tours.
Beautiful Southern Africa.


Local Language – Bantus
Official Language – Portuguese


50% Christian
50% Muslim


Mozambican Metical (Mtn) (MZN)
United States Dollar (USD)


Tipping indicates appreciation for good service
Tipping is widely practiced in Mozambique. Here is some information of Mozambique tipping.
– 10% in restaurants
– About USD 1.00 for hotel porters.
– Cleaners and maids in hotels and other accommodation establishments usually get between USD 1.00 and USD 2.00 per day.
– During your trip it is likely that you will come into contact with tour guides, game rangers and trackers who depend largely on their tips for their income. Tipping in this instance ranges between USD 4.00 and USD 5.00 per person per day.

Social Customs

Mozambican society has traditionally revolved around the family and the village, with customs and observances that grow from local rather than national influences. Many of its traditional values came under attack during the years of civil strife, for, despite Frelimo’s emphasis on pride in African cultural heritage, its ideology of scientific materialism clashed sharply with important components of traditional Mozambican culture. Aspects of that culture, including spirituality, herbal healing, rites of passage, direct criticism of leadership through poetic performance, and lineage authority, conflicted with government efforts to reorder society along socialist lines

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